Crazy Mountain Ranch is located on a southwestern aspect of the magnificent Crazy Mountains, a 40 mile long range with over 30 peaks between 10,000 and 11,000 feet, as well as 56 high alpine lakes.  At  11,214 feet,  Crazy Peak is the highest mountain in the range, and can be seen from the bottom lands of the ranch.

Much of the land on which Crazy Mountain Ranch is located was originally homesteaded by a number of families and individuals under the Land Grant Act of 1864. In the mid -1900s, these parcels were eventually purchased and consolidated by the Criswell family, who ranched the 18,000 acre property for many years.

In 1990, publisher Glenn Patch purchased the ranch for the enjoyment of his family and began to assemble the vintage western town of “Deadrock” on the property, which today continues to be a notable and unique feature of the ranch. As one walks along “Main Street”, you will encounter a wide variety of historical buildings, settler’s cabins, hotels, antique furnishings, reclaimed building materials and interesting artifacts, all of which were found and moved to the ranch from towns all over Montana and the West.

In 1999, the Philip Morris Corporation purchased the ranch from Patch. For the next 22 years, the property was utilized to reward loyal Marlboro customers by bringing them out to experience the mountains and wide-open spaces of the West.

In 2021, Lone Mountain Land Company acquired the ranch to run as a private membership experience featuring outdoor and mountain recreation, golf, lodging and much more. Just as importantly,  the 18,000 acre property continues to be run as working cattle ranch that reflects the  traditions and work ethic of Montana. Lone Mountain Land Company is partnering with Discovery Land Company to operate the ranch as a private membership experience.